Coupon Alert! Savings on Gardein, Sweet Earth Natural Foods, Hampton Creek, and more!

PiggyBankSavingsHello friends,

Sorry for the brief hiatus! I was in beautiful, sunny Mexico! I’m now sorting through the 1,000+ pictures I took, and I hope to put together a blog on all the scrumptious vegan cuisine I had during my trip later this week.

To hold you over, take a look at this week’s coupon and rebate savings round up! There are some great deals over the next few weeks on everything from produce to Hampton Creek products!

Happy shopping!


PS – In case you missed them, check out my top ways to save and other recent savings posts.

Rebate Apps

Ibotta (Offers may vary based on store. I used Whole Foods and Target to find the following offers).



  • $0.55, When you buy, Cottonelle, 6 pk or larger (Increase yoursavings by shopping with Cartwheel at Target)
  • Pick Your Own Offer, $0.25 off grapes, garlic, potatoes,  carrots, pineapple


  • $1.00, Sweet Earth veggie burger (Increase your savings with Shrink!)
  • $1.00, Califia Iced Coffee (Increase your savings by shopping with Cartwheel at Target)
  • $1.00, Califia Almond Milk
  • $0.75, LIVE Kombucha

Shrink (My referral code is QUPAYE.)

  • $0.20, off potatoes, exp. 5/12/16
  • $1.00 , off Goodbelly, exp. 6/20/16 (Increase your savings by shopping with Cartwheel at Target)
  • $1.00, Sweet Earth veggie burger (Increase your savings with Berrycart!)
  • $1.00, off any one Simply Organic grinders, extract, or baking flavor
  • $0.75, off any one Simply Organic glass bottle spices
  • $0.5o, off any one Simply Organic mini spices


  • $0.30, off bar soap
  • $0.25, off apples
  • $0.25, off orange juice

Cartwheel by Target

  • 25% off Gardein, exp. 5/21/16
  • 15% off Morningstar vegan items, exp. 5/14/15
  • 15% off Califia Farms Coffee beverages, exp. 5/21/16
  • 10% off Wishbone dressings, exp. 5/21/16
  • 25% off Goodbelly products, exp. 5/21/16
  • 15% off Just Mayo & Just Dressings, exp. 6/4/16
  • 20% off Good Thins crackers, exp. 5/14/16
  • 25% off Muir Glen products, exp. 5/14/16
  • 20% Attitude hair products, exp. 5/21/16
  • 50% off one Cottenelle , 6 pk. or larger, exp. 6/4/16


Beyond Meat

  • $1.00 off any Beyond Meat item, exp. 5/31/16

Whole Foods

  • $1.00 off any one Method product
  • $1.00 off any one Sweet Earth Natural Foods Farmstand Flaxbread Breakfast Sandwich
  • $1.00 off any three So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt Alternatives (5.3 oz or larger)
  • $2.00 off any two Lightlife Products
  • $0.50 off any one 7-oz Bag 365 Everyday Value® Baked Naan Chips (Green Chili Chutney, Tamarind or Tikka Masala)
  • $1.00 off any two So Delicious Dairy Free Products
  • $1.00 off any one Earth Balance snack item


  • $2.00 off fresh grocery purchase of $10 or more, exp. 6/4/16
  • $1.00 off Archer Farms purchase of $5.00 or more, exp. 6/4/16
  • $1.00 off two any flavor/variety Muir Glen™ products, exp. 6/30/16
  • $1.00 off two Alexia frozen foods, exp. 6/30/16

What are your thoughts?

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