VeganCuts Review: February


Hello everyone,

As you know, I love snacks, and I love getting mail. Put the two together and you get a monthly VeganCuts subscription! Today, I received my February subscription box, and I thought I’d share the contents with you.

But first, did you miss my January VeganCuts review? If so, check it out now!

This month’s box has a pretty good variety of snacks, although there are three snack bars. The box included everything from I Heart Keenwah Quinoa puffs to almond butter to mushroom coffee (odd, I know). A full list of the items I received is below.

Where to start?! Do you belong to any vegan-friendly monthly subscriptions? If so which ones? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know!




3 thoughts on “VeganCuts Review: February

    1. Hi Chayne,

      Thanks for checking out the review. I 100% do think the VeganCuts boxes are worth $23. The products are always worth well-over that amount. Also, I’ve never received a free box for a positive review. 🙂



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