Coupon Alert! Save $1 on Gardein and Beyond Meat, Plus more!

Hello friends!

I wanted to let you know that there are a few good deals on vegan products. If you shop at Whole Foods, be sure to pick up a copy of their “Whole Deal” coupon book from customer service. Right now you can save $1.00/1 on Gardein products through the end of September. 

The Whole Deal also includes a few other great coupons including 75¢ off any 1 Sweet Earth Righteous Meats Product; $1.00 off any 1 DREAM Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert; and $1.00 off any 1 Lightlife Product. If you haven’t already tried any Sweet Earth products, please don’t wait any longer! The company makes a variety of veggie burgers, a fake’n, and a plethora of burritos. Hands down, the burritos are my favorite product. There are four vegan flavors which I’ve listed below in my order of preference:

  • The Anasazi: Smoky blend of green chilies, anasazi beans, butternut squash, chipotle seitan and ginger.
  • The Curry Tiger: Blend of lentils, curried seitan, red peppers, potatoes, spiced with turmeric, cinnamon & cardamom.
  • Big Sur Breakfast: Blend of roasted red peppers, potatoes, smoked seitan bits and seasoned tofu.
  • The Kyoto: Japanese style blend of adzuki beans, edamame, baby bok choy, baby spinach & ginger.

If you don’t live near a Whole Foods, check your local Target. Many of the Cleveland area Targets actually carried the Sweet Earth burritos before Whole Foods.

Lastly, Beyond Meat hasn’t yet updated their monthly $1.00/1 coupon, but you can use this link to get to the coupon once it is updated.

As always, don’t forget to check out all my tips on how to save!




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