Review: Detroit Vegan Soul

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Detroit for a conference. While I was there I got to swing by a few local restaurants and coffeeshops. Today I would like to share one that rose to the top for me – Detroit Vegan Soul


I was so happy I was able to visit this restaurant. Detroit Vegan Soul is a 100% Plant-Based, Organic, Dairy/Egg/Lactose Free restaurant. The space is small but open, with nice natural lighting. There’s even a counter area where you can watch the employees make smoothies (which are fantastic btw).

Detroit Vegan Soul boasts a nice brunch option all day on Sunday. You can chow down on such options as “Catfish” Tofu & Grits, Tofu Scramble w/toast or wrap, Stack of three pancakes with a side of maple syrup, or even Southern Fried Tofu & Waffles. I recommend the Tofu and Waffles. My friend ordered this, and I was quite impressed by the attractiveness of the dish. She said it was pretty tasty too. Next time I’ll try that one!

I ended up ordering the Soul Platter which included Mac-n-cheese, tenderly smoked collards, maple glazed yams, black-eyed peas and a cornbread muffin. The Mac-n-cheese had a nice texture and smoky flavor. The black eyed peas were actually good. I usually don’t like this type of side dish, but it was flavored well. The collards were amazing, and I must admit, I expected nothing less. The maple glazed yams were a nice treat that I saved towards the end as I usually don’t make yams this way.


If you aren’t in the mood for a “breakfast/ brunch” option, Detroit Vegan Soul still has you covered. The main menu boasts plenty of wraps, sandwiches, catfish tofu, etc. While we were eating a waitress walked around with smoothie samples. I honestly don’t know which I tasted, but it was delicious. It was bright green but didn’t taste ‘green’ at all!

The only complaint I have about this restaurant is that it’s in Detroit and not in Cleveland. I’ll definitely revisit this gem the next time I’m in Detroit! Please give this restaurant a try. You won’t regret it!





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