Ten Easy Ways to Save!

Hello friends! The new year always has me thinking of finances and reviewing money saving (or spending) habits from the prior year. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly trying to find a way to cut down on various spending categories so I have more cash to burn on fun things like vacation. =)

I also know that eating healthy and purchasing meat-free and dairy-free alternatives isn’t always the cheapest, but it’s also not as expensive as most people think (or at least it doesn’t have to be!)

Here are my ten easy ways to save! Enjoy!

1. Coupons – Not all coupon websites are created equal. Find the ones that work for you and forget the rest! 

  • Coupons.com
    • This is the mecca of coupon websites. There are lots and lots of coupons stocked daily. Note, you can only print two of each coupon per computer.
  • Redplum.com
    • Includes less coupons than coupons.com, but it often includes some that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Coupon Lady
    • I subscribe to this weekly e-mail digest. There are plenty of ‘coupon’ ladies out there, but I like this one the best. She tends to send store specific lists, once a week she features deals at Whole Foods, and I generally look forward to these emails (and it takes a lot for me not to hit unsubscribe.)

2. (free) Phone Apps – At first I was skeptical, but these apps are legitimate!

  • Ibotta
    • This was my first and favorite rebate app. You simply review the current deals available at various stores and select those you wish to use. The app will have you watch a quick video or ask a simple question to ‘unlock’ your rebate. Then you go shopping. Once you return home, you take a picture of the product barcode and receipt. Once you earn $5 you can request a transfer via Paypal.
      • One of the neatest things about Ibotta – and that sets it apart from competitors – is that you can earn more cash by building your team. If you and your teammates complete monthly goals, you get cash bonuses! Join my team!
  • BerryCart
    • Very similar to Ibotta with a few exceptions. This app is not tied to any retailers, and it only includes healthy, mostly non-GMO, organic product rebates. Some favorites have been Beyond Meat and Califia Almond Milk.
  • Checkout 51
    • This is another good app which isn’t tied to any specific retailers. However, there is a $20 threshold before you can cash out, and Checkout 51 will actually mail you a check.
  • Shopmium
    • This is similar to the above apps. It’s not tied to a specific retailer which is great, and Shopmium will transfer the money into your Paypal account as you earn. That’s right, there’s no threshold for cashing out!
  • Snap
    • Groupon recently joined the cash rebate market with “Snap.”  The idea is the same as most others – download the app, check out the offers, and go shopping at any retailer. Then you just ‘snap’ the receipt. You can cash out once you’ve earned $20.
  • SavingStar
    • This app works by having the user select all grocery stores she frequents, as well as, add loyalty card information. The app then allows you to ‘double up’ on savings. Any e-coupon or rebate that is redeemed at the store will actually end up on your SavingStar account (e.g. the amount does not come off of your grocery total).
    • You can cash out once you reach $5, and the app allows you to use Paypal, claim an Amazon gift card, or select to donate your rebates to a variety of charities.
  • Shopkick
    • This is a bit unique. This app allows you to earn rewards points called “kicks” a few ways:
      • (1) just by walking into certain stores;
      • (2) in-store by scanning the barcodes various products; or
      • (3) by purchasing certain items.
    • Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of stores, and the Kicks can add up quickly. In fact, 500 kicks will net you a $2 Target gift card. If you’re already out shopping, why not give this s shot?

I hope this helps you pocket a little extra cash this year so you can spend money on more things you enjoy! Please let me know what tips and tricks you use in the comments!



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